Welcome to my site where you can see the work I’m doing in art and music. Click the Events tab for recent and upcoming art shows. Click the Music tab for recently recorded music.

The name Cherry Squared is really a mathematical term. It means that I can be an artist, a musician or anything else for that matter including a mathematician or a scientist. There are no forbidden subjects. And I can take it all and mix it up into something totally new and exciting and fun.

As a mixed media artist, I can draw from many different materials and I never limit myself except that I do try to use what is “on hand.” I like to challenge myself to work within that limitation — sometimes something fun gets squeezed out of it.

Only recently have I begun to write songs. I’ve had a lot of fun collaborating with other musicians on kompoz.com. You can go to my account on Kompoz and add your parts to my songs or invite me to collaborate on yours.

I have a great passion for what I’m doing and enjoy sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy perusing the site and PLEASE leave comments or contact me personally using the contact form.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!